Friday, May 1, 2015

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

4 reasons why you may need an executive coach - The Business Journals

Great post. The author lists out the benefits of Executive Coaching for a business leader (at all levels, not just CEOs, I may add) in simple words. 

- None, just no one, can give unbiased assessment, if part of same organisation. That is how organisations are!!  Not even the popular tools such as, 360 degree feedback or any poor cousins thereof. A Coach can...

- Same with feedback. Being not part of the system, a coach can give valuable feedback, esp after interacting with other members of organisation, across different levels. A certified coach is trained to ask the 'right questions' to go to the core of the issue/opportunity. 

- External guidance for reflection and self-analysis  is the core of any coaching intervention. It is both external and also passive. Not prescriptive, advisory or consultancy/mentoring. You are already a leader. All solutions to problems & opportunities are within you. You need external guidance to just tap into THAT ! A Coach can help... 

- Coaching, being an outsider's perspective, is as such appropriately 'detached' too, at a very practical & philosophical level.

Of course, it is for the client/organisation to use the information and derive the benefit of Coaching, at a very holistic level. 

On a lighter note, why is CEO of financial services co is being singled out ?:)) 

All the friends in banking/financial services in leadership roles, this may be very valuable information... 

Hire a Coach..Become a coach. Sharpen Coaching skills, whatever you do at work!

4 reasons why you may need an executive coach - The Business Journals

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Interesting Link Between Yoga and Executive Coaching

Indeed, Mind, Body & Spirit can not be separated...

I am into Yoga, as it was part of my bucket-list! Why it was on the list, because I thought that will help me physically, mentally and of course, spiritually... 

Meditation/Mindfulness was part of my life, over two decades. But incrasingly mindful of how much to learn through direct experiences.

Do I use them in my Coaching? Yes & No. 
- Where I feel coachee is 'ready' (not judgemental here), I share with them how useful these can be for them
- Otherwise, fitness is the starting point, yoga or simple 20-minute walking! I experience total mindfulness in the latter. (Master said, 'Simplicity is the best "city")

Check out how Executive Coaches in are using Yoga in US:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Seth's Blog: Burning bridges

"A bridge well-crossed gets better over time." This line and rest of the post by Seth Godin touched my heart, to say the least. 

Very often, we are so focussed on the goal, we miss the journey. We even miss the need to be aware of the journey. The tragedy is when we promote the virtue of reaching the goal. More so in corporate world :(( It may not be just worth it. Think of it... 

I just checked the dictionary meaning of burn one's bridges (behind one)

1. Lit. to cutoff the way back to where you came from, making it impossible to retreat. The army, which had burned itsbridges behind it, couldn't go back. By blowing up the road, the spies had burned their bridges behind them.
2. Fig. to act unpleasantly in a situation that you are leaving, ensuring that you'll never be welcome to return. If you get madand quit your job, you'll be burning your bridges behind you. No sense burning your bridges. Be polite and leave quietly.
3. Fig. to make decisions that cannot be changed in the future. If you drop out of school now, you'll be burning your bridgesbehind you. You're too young to burn your bridges that way.

You don't want to miss reading the original post from a Philosophical Seth: Seth's Blog: Burning bridges

Friday, July 4, 2014

Indra Nooyi on Why Women Can't Have It All

This topic has been trending in the media & social media. 

Nooyi's candor is very inspiring, as she does not sugar coat the difficulty to 'balance' work/life or manage multiple roles. I was touched by her ability to display vulnerability. That ability perhaps makes her a leader with difference.

As I read through the report, one thought stuck to me. What would have been different if she had hired a Coach? Wonder if she has a Coach!
She has Coaching as one of her popular 5Cs, being her roadmap to success: Competency, Courage & Confidence, Consistency, Compass & Coaching. (MIT Sloan)

A Coach would have been a good sounding board for her, at different stages in life. 

A good Coach would have helped her to handle her 3R's (Regret, Resentment & Reject), in a holistic way. 

PS: Friends in corporate world, it is never too late to hire a coach - an experienced, certified/credentialed one, only. 

For more on Career coaching for women, check out:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Want to Be a Better Manager? Get a Dog. |

Can't agree more: 'If you’re good with domesticated animals – and probably children, as
well – I bet you’d make an effective manager with leadership potential. If not, you’ll probably benefit greatly from the experience.'

But don't agree to: 'Instead of getting a coach, try getting a dog and a trainer.' But, get a dog and a coach. 

'You’ll be amazed what you learn.'

PS: Get a dog now. It will elevate the energy at home... So much to learn from them. Their love, loyalty and the state of BEING!

Want to Be a Better Manager? Get a Dog. |

Monday, June 30, 2014

Chennai Traveler

@ Chennai! My new Karmabhoomi!

New?! Or is it back, ‘home’? Where it all started, professionally, on 1/1/91. At #21, Patullos Road!

‘Took the road less travelled’! Drove down, enjoyed driving through torrential rains. Heavy traffic on the NH (courtesy, ‘CV’s!) do not allow to speed up. I empathise with CVs (commercial vehicles, that is) on highways, having worked with the industry for 15 yrsJ A little lane-discipline, from us all, will surely help.

The tollbooths should add this to their KRA? Upkeep of the stretch and better driving experience for the commuters?! Why not, if customer experience is the ultimate goal, instead of just collecting toll for the infrastructure. Every tollbooth announces, ‘lane #1 for cars’. But filled with trucks & buses.

Have you noticed, we are evolving to a new traffic rule – slow moving traffic on the last lane ?!! May be we should formalize! Height of lane-indiscipline!

There were just too many butterflies on the road. Are the flowers on the road-dividers attracting them? If yes, do we need flowers? People pluck flowers too! Risk for butterflies, animals & people?!

I observed hardly any bird, even on the horizon. Where have all birds gone?

Coffee at Krishnagiri and Sambar Vada at ‘Dimple Group’s Anandabhavan’ were just super!