Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why Kerala not buying enough cars? ET

... And, it has nothing to do with cars !

A few generations of Keralites have toiled in the desert landscape and contributed to our economy (incl themselves). While they worked in the Gulf, their families have suffered the pangs of separation.

Successive governments have failed to live up to their expectations.

It is payback time. To listen to them, to be empathetic. Central and State Governments, with the active support of others like Sashi Tharoor, should pitch in and deliver.

That would be part of the legacy of these governments/political leaders.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Manifest Future, with Care

Living in 
- 1994-97:Interior MP and covering interior MP & Rajasthan,  
- 1997-2000: Extreme weather (& pollution ) in Delhi, 
- 2000-2006: Surviving the demands of the Maximum city for six years... had got stuck in the famous Mumbai floods,
- 2006-2012: Thereafter years in the Middle East, with weather closer to that of Delhi, minus pollution, thankfully...

I aspired to live in a city like Bangalore. Somewhere in Whitefield, which had old world charm, had spiritual centres like Sai Ashram & Siva Temple from Mahabharatha days! Kadu-godi still had elements of 'kadu', forest! Bangalore then was truly Garden city! 

We should be careful about what we dream of ! 

Today the city, where I have landed, is very different. It is no longer a Garden City. Concrete City would be more appropriate. 

I traveled from Whitefield to the other side of the city in the morning and returned in the evening. Parked myself near Lalbagh during the day, to work, 

At 330PM, when I stepped out, the bakery was filled with people drinking aerated drinks! I gulped down a lime juice, with little trace of the presence of any lime, left homewards. 

As FM played some good songs, and some cacophony, I kept focus on my driving, to navigate one of most chaotic traffic you can encouter anywhere in India... How much we honk!!! Ads for pan masala were most disgusting, with or without disclaimer. Still worse was a bollywood superstar (sic) romanticising pan masala!!

'The journey is as important as the destination....'

we keep reminding ourselves in all our work! 

I was reminded of a coaching conversation, where the coachee was struggling at work and at home. I wonder how many commuters were in that space - with issues at work and home. Then this commuting. Can it get worse?!

What are we manifesting? What are our dreams? What are we telling ourselves? 

As I passed the green patch in the heart of the city, saw this beauty at the signal, next to me. That was perhaps the only positive experience on road!! What have we done to Namma Bangalore :((

Saturday, August 20, 2016

How Indian badminton rocketed on the Gopichand shuttle - The Hindu

Brilliant report. 

Gopi is a transformational coach & mentor. His commitment and the rigor of the process helps him churn out some great players out of his academy. 

He starts his day at the academy at 4 AM !The academy is almost like a modern Gurukul! 

He has stayed away from unhealthy endorsements speaks volumes of him, his values. 

We need more such passionate coaches (not transactional trainers) to take our sports to the next level. We can't depend on selfie-loving ministers or politicians, bureaucrats or even former players.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

1. Becoming a writer

Have managed to tick few items off the bucket list, in the recent past. 'Feeling grateful', as FB would prompt!

To publish a book remained elusive!

Taking an affirmative step in that direction, after passively exploring several options. Also aware of the need to overcome the self-limiting belief I am not good enough to be an authoer?!

A new journey... new beginning. I am sure I will enjoy the journey, with expectations managed ab initio!

Reaching the venue was a journey by itself. There are few things google can not tell you. There are many places google-map can not help you reach, nor detailed, specific route! Still reached just in time, another big need within! To be on time, for important stuff only!

The Attic is off the main road, but has a very laid-back ambience, within & outside. The silver oak trees were actually distracting!

So critical to activate grey cells.

The myth is broken when told, 'you can write anytime, anywhere, on anything. It is a matter of discipline'! And I thought discipline was at the other end of spectrum for a creative guy!!

Writer's block thus ceases to be an excuse!

'There is so much anger around' came back again from one of the group members. Had heard it just two days ago at Delhi. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

4 reasons why you may need an executive coach - The Business Journals

Great post. The author lists out the benefits of Executive Coaching for a business leader (at all levels, not just CEOs, I may add) in simple words. 

- None, just no one, can give unbiased assessment, if part of same organisation. That is how organisations are!!  Not even the popular tools such as, 360 degree feedback or any poor cousins thereof. A Coach can...

- Same with feedback. Being not part of the system, a coach can give valuable feedback, esp after interacting with other members of organisation, across different levels. A certified coach is trained to ask the 'right questions' to go to the core of the issue/opportunity. 

- External guidance for reflection and self-analysis  is the core of any coaching intervention. It is both external and also passive. Not prescriptive, advisory or consultancy/mentoring. You are already a leader. All solutions to problems & opportunities are within you. You need external guidance to just tap into THAT ! A Coach can help... 

- Coaching, being an outsider's perspective, is as such appropriately 'detached' too, at a very practical & philosophical level.

Of course, it is for the client/organisation to use the information and derive the benefit of Coaching, at a very holistic level. 

On a lighter note, why is CEO of financial services co is being singled out ?:)) 

All the friends in banking/financial services in leadership roles, this may be very valuable information... 

Hire a Coach..Become a coach. Sharpen Coaching skills, whatever you do at work!

4 reasons why you may need an executive coach - The Business Journals

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Interesting Link Between Yoga and Executive Coaching

Indeed, Mind, Body & Spirit can not be separated...

I am into Yoga, as it was part of my bucket-list! Why it was on the list, because I thought that will help me physically, mentally and of course, spiritually... 

Meditation/Mindfulness was part of my life, over two decades. But incrasingly mindful of how much to learn through direct experiences.

Do I use them in my Coaching? Yes & No. 
- Where I feel coachee is 'ready' (not judgemental here), I share with them how useful these can be for them
- Otherwise, fitness is the starting point, yoga or simple 20-minute walking! I experience total mindfulness in the latter. (Master said, 'Simplicity is the best "city")

Check out how Executive Coaches in are using Yoga in US: